Further Amplification… Other Languages…

“Amplification” in education is a concept, I am deeply committed to. In a recent post, Upgrade & Amplification Exercise and Checklist, I try to break down the process of amplification and make it more transparent for educators. What I did not explicitly include  was the component of another language to amplify one’s work, learning opportunities, reach, voice and ability to reach a global audience.


Last October, I published the post Sharing- Creative Commons- Collaboration- Amplification, which in turn refers to

 It’s All About Sharing and Collaborating, a post I wrote about a Russian educator who had translated material from Langwitches into his language in order to SHARE the content with his colleagues who spoke no English.  Alec Couros, told the Amazing Story of Openness and his diagram of the Networked Teacher as it has been translated into many languages now.

It am tremendously honored, when my work gets AMPLIFIED into other languages, reaching educators, I would not have reached otherwise. Dico Krommenhoek  contacted me a few days ago via Twitter. I was thrilled to give permission, without hesitation, when he asked to translate the iPad App Evaluation checklist into Dutch. It gives me a sense of COLLABORATION across time, space and language, when I can “teach” via my work and materials without ever speaking the same language or meeting these teachers face to face.

This is a beauty of CREATIVE COMMONS and an amazing story of openness (as Alec Couros puts it).

Since then I have received several requests and permission  to amplify into other languages. I would like to share the work of the educators who took the time to amplify into their language.  This is how collaboration and amplification looks like 🙂

Marlon offered to translate the  iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom into Chinese (pdf)


Carrie Antoniazzi, as a conseillère pédagogique” with a french school board in British Colombia, Canada, translated and adapted the Are u Ready 4 Twitter into French  (pdf) for her teachers.