Embed Visuals into Teaching and Learning- Part 2

In another post, Embedding Visuals Into Teaching and Learning, I looked at ways to support our students’ ability to navigate a media rich world and “read and write” in that world. I shared how teachers could easily and quickly create visuals, that supported a question they wanted students to explore, break up long and monotone passages of text, review a concept discussed abstractly or make a real life connection.

Wonderopolis is a fascinating site with great visual prompts for you to “hook” students into inquiry and further research.


There are over 800 visual prompts from many many categories to choose from and even the option to submit your own “wonder to be included”. (This could be a great activity for your students to prepare submissions)

Each prompt has a video, vocabulary words, further resources and a Did you Know section. Try it out… this is a great way (something for all grade levels) to promote visual literacy, reflective writing and inquiry.


The second  site, I wanted to recommend is Visual Writing Prompts, which have been categorized by subjects:

and by type:

Visual Writing Prompts

The site is a wonderful inspiration of how to bring in visuals to “spicen” up or jump start students’ interest.
Jon Spencer, one of the creators  shares important considerations in a post Ten Thoughts About Photo Prompts.

Don’t stop by just reading about these two sites, take the next step and include visual prompts in your class… or if you already have.. take the next step and SHARE and REFLECT transparently. We need more examples from the classroom!