Responsible Use Guidelines of School E-mails for Elementary Students

Writing appropriate emails is part of being a good digital citizen! Students (even digital natives) are not born with knowing the rules and responsibilities. Just as they need to learn to answer and talk on the phone, they need to learn about e-mail writing in an academic setting (to their teachers, Skype partners, project collaborators, administration or their classmates regarding school business).

Our third graders have been given access to their school email addresses.

My colleague, Andrea Hernandez (@edtechworkshop) was working with students on formulating a Responsible Use Policy.

From their discussion the following guide emerged.


In the spirit of sharing and calling attention to ongoing,  embedded digital citizenship exposure, opportunities and discussions (rules, rights, privileges and responsibilities), take a moment to review these guidelines as an example and create you own guide with your students for their use of their SCHOOL email addresses.

Download the guide as a pdf file