Standing on the Shoulder of My Network

In honor of Connected Educator Month, I wanted to pay tribute to educators who inspire me and I learn from daily, virtually and in person. They feed my professional soul, they are conversation partners and they keep me excited about being a teacher. I am standing on the shoulders of giants, aka my network. My work is a direct result of their curation effort, their ability to trigger my imagination, their contribution to help me make sense of things I never thought or dreamed about and the pool of past experiences each one brings as an educator.

I am not an original, I am a remixer of the collaborative experience and knowledge building network, that technology allows us to access, connect with, learn from, reflect about and then continue to share.

Thank you all.

network-standing on shoulders of giants

Just in case you want to play detective and grow your network, I have added the following members of my network (in no particular order of importance) to this list for you to consider.