Blogging Rubric in Spanish: Rúbrica para Bloguear y Comentar

Being truly global does not mean to only be able to connected within a monolingual world. We can’t truly speak about global communication and collaboration, if indeed we mean talking to other educators who only speak the same language as we do. We have to figure out a bridge to connect to and learn with colleagues who speak in other tongues. We could start by making resources available in other languages (and vice-versa)  to give non-English speakers better access.

blogging rubric commenting rubric

Marisa Gonzalez, a teacher from the Goethe Schule in Buenos Aires, Argentina, based her rubric in Spanish on the blogging rubric, I created (which in turn was based on Andrew Churches Bloom’ Taxonomy Commenting Rubric & Kim Cofino’s & University of Wisconsin’s Blogging Rubric).

Marisa is one of the 7 cohort members, I am coaching this year in modern skills & literacies and documenting4learning.


Download the Blogging and Commenting Rubric in Spanish as a PDF file.