Sharing and Building Upon

How can I make it even MORE visible that sharing our work as educators is one of the critical components of the “learning revolution“?

Sharing means amplification. Amplification means spreading good practices, reaching more people and connecting beyond our own limitations of zip codes and language barriers. I have written and tweeted over and over again about the need and benefits of sharing among educators for educations and learning.


Let’s use one example and make the “share flow” visible:

sharing-flow-tolisanoIn May 2014, I shared a blog post titled Building Content Knowledge: Collaborate and Curate. Embedded in the blog post is a video I had created as a documentation of Mark Engstrom‘s approach to his geography class.

Beth Holland tweeted in March 2015 a link to a presentation she gave at ASCD, where she used the video as an example.

Beth_HollandI mulled over Beth’s presentation for a few days and chose to sketchnote my takeaway ,which I shared on my blog in April 2015.

effective-technologyBeth, in turn, build upon my work and used the image as a Thinglink, which adds hotspots to the still image with annotations, links, embedded videos,etc.

Kath Murdoch blogged on Justwondering and called the “share flow”, I am talking about
“domino style”.

I was reading an interesting post from @langwitches in which she refers to @brholland’s slideshow from a recent ASCD conference. In true domino style, Beth’s post got Silvia thinking and blogging and Silvia’s post got me thinking and blogging!

build-upon-blog-post2All of this work was inspired and continued to grow, remixed and built upon because of the initial act of sharing!

What have you shared lately? How have you benefited lately because someone else took the time to share? How have your students benefited due to the generosity of another educator?