Documenting Through the Lens of Curation: Amplifying Information & Making It More Accessible

The #amplifiEDU Twitter chat from September 30th, was documented through the lens of a Twitter Newbie through a screencast of the chat- Becoming More Connected, commentated and individual components of the chat.

On October 14th, the 3rd #ampliefiEDU Twitter Chat was held with the topic of Documenting FOR Learning.

Amplifying learning sometimes means looking at information, filtering, evaluating that information and re-mixing that information, possibly through a different medium, to make that information more visible and accessible to a larger audience. Different people, documenting through their own lens of CURATION can tell the story of that information from different perspectives.

Using different documentation techniques, we can make thinking, learning and perspectives around the topic of documentation FOR learning visible.

  • Twitter Storify Archive (by choosing to archive the Twitter Chat, also filtering non-pertinent information), we are curating and amplifying the chat, making it available for future use, amplifying the audience asynchronously,  beyond the ones who were present at the actual time of the chat)
  • Sprouting new Ideas by Melina Seifert (Melina shares a bilingual post (English & Spanish) and further amplifying her learning by making it accessible to non-English speakers)
  • Curating People by Andrea Hernandez (Andrea creates and infographic and uses the time invested in creating that infographic as part of her learning and thinking process versus seeing the infographic image file as an end product)
  • Below you will see an infographic as I shifted through all responses to the 6 main questions posed during the chat and grouped them visually together for a better, more organized overview of participants’ responses