The 3 Stages of Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning

Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning has many objectives, goals, levels, and components. My work is concentrating on making pedagogical documentation visible and shareable to amplify teaching and learning. I believe that using technology, as a tool, to be able to share best practices, to make thinking and learning visible to ourselves and others, is the key to transform teaching and learning. I am documenting and sharing my own process around:

  • defining documentation
  • levels of doumentation
  • making documentation visible and shareable
  • sharing documentation in action (how does it look like in the classroom of for professional learning)
  • developing a toolkit for learners (adults & children) to facilitate documentation via different media and platforms
  • stages of documentation

Pedagogical documentation should not be seen as an add-on, but as part of the learning process. It is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Pre-Work: Learners (adults and children) think strategically about what is to be documented
  2. The Work: Documenting the moment (or several moments over time)
  3. Post-Work: What to DO with the documentation

Documentation-3 Stages

Further reading about pedagogical documentation: