Tooth Traditions Around the World

First grade teacher, Luciana V. from Argentina wants to amplify her students’ learning. They are in the mids of talking and exploring the tradition around “Ratón Perez“, who her children eagerly await once they lose their first tooth.

Why not crowdsource other tooth traditions around the world? Why not use Flipgrid, an easy tool to quickly record children sharing the tradition from their own country? Imagine the amplified resource for all children to learn about different traditions of this very important milestone in their lives: Losing their first tooth!

There is no end date to this project of crowdsourcing contributions. If you are reading this post a few years down the road, you may still contribute with your children or students!


  1. Go to the FlipGrid on your phone, tablet or desktop (Follow the provided link or enter the following code: aa8bc4
  2. Click on the plus sign “Add Response”

  3. Click on the red recording button to record an up to 90 second video clip or click on the green upload button to upload a previously recorded video clip from your device.

  4. When finished recording, tap on the green arrow to finish up and add your video response or click the red trash button to delete the video clip and start over again.

Looking forward to learning about other tooth traditions around the world! Please share this project with others in your network who have children in the tooth-losing-age 🙂