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Transforming Culture in the Classroom

I wanted to share my third presentation slides from BLC11 Transforming Culture in the Classroom View more presentations from Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Third Culture Kids

When I first learned about the term “Third Culture Kids”, I was relieved since I finally could put a name to “the way I have felt most of my life”….

Amid the silly Videos and Spam are the Roots of a new Reading and Writing Culture

“Does the Internet Make you Smarter” is the title of an article by Clay Shirky, published by the Wall Street Journal Online. I wasn’t that satisfied with the title after…

Celebrating Language, Culture & History via Skype

Students from Jacksonville, Florida/USA and Binyamina, Israel recently celebrated Jerusalem Day together. A true opportunity to share Language, Culture & History via Skype. A grandfather in Israel shared his memories…

Global Awareness = Learning About Other Cultures’ Foods & Holidays?

I subscribe to the RSS feed of the Flickr group Great Quotes about Learning and Change. The following image by Scott McLeod popped up in my reader a few days…