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Selecting Tools for Learning

Over 8 years ago, I wrote a blog post and created a checklist to evaluate iPad apps for their use in the classroom. While I believe that the checklist is…

No Longer EITHER OR of Technology Integration: It Is About the Learning MIX

Guest post by Dr. Silvana Scarso from amplifiEDUcation. Many of us have now lived through the adoption of student laptops, Google Docs, cellphones and other technologies in schools. Many people…

A Timeline: Tool Set – Skill Set – Mind Set

In my previous post titled Enhancement-Automating-Transforming-Informating, I described the fusion (in my mind) of the SAMR model with Alan November’s concept of Automating vs. Informating to transform teaching and learning….


I am constantly wrestling with the issue of using technology in schools to TEACH and to LEARN. Long ago, I have resolved that teaching and learning DO NOT depend on…

21 Things that Became Obsolete This Decade

Through Langwitches’ Twitter Times, I found the following slideshow from the Business